Friday, April 17, 2009

I have no actual pictures to prove it because he always wants the door closed but Cole is potty trained!!!! It only took a week and a couple of accidents and the back of the door full of bribes. we are going to Disneyland again in October for Cole and Taya's birthdays and we told Cole he had to be potty trained or he couldn't go. At first he didn't care but came around to the idea. Now he wants to know if your so proud of him which we are. It's been weird to train a boy and along time since I've had to.

The girls surprisingly love to fish as well. It was an awesome day. How could it get any better than watching your kids while sitting in the sun.

Daddy and his little buddy and Jayden in the back ground eating of course!!!!
We decided to do some fishing while we were out riding around. Cole loves it. His little cars pole is pretty good.
We took our ranger out on Monday to do some explosives . Trent wanted to show the kids, Taya really enjoyed watching the tree blow up or in half , where the rest of the kids not so much.

Cole was the only one to wake up for the Easter bunny. He did so awesome finding all the eggs. He was so excited.All the girls were with their other families for Easter, it was pretty quite. We went to my mom's for dinner that night with the rest of the family where Cole proceeded to spit in Talon's face for taking his toy. Good times!

These are some of the fellow hot mourners.